One Hour Assembly

The SOAR one hour assembly is a bending and breathing adventure that will carry students and staff from external pressures to a calm place of ease. The breathing techniques, positive affirmations, and physical postures presented will help children develop a mind body connection. This connection leads to stress resilience and positive lifestyle choices.

  • 1 hour assembly - $300

  • Two 1 hour assemblies - $550

SOAR All Day!

SOAR All Day! includes 2 one hour assemblies plus 3 workshops which provide more direct instruction and games that will meet the studentís individual behavioral and emotional needs.

  • SOAR all day! - $800


Daily and Weekly Residencies are also available to reinforce the strategies introduced into the classrooms and lives of the children involved.

  • 2 Day Residency - $1500

  • 3 Day Residency - $2250

  • Full Week Residency - $3750