"New poses are cool! It calms me down. It's fun. It's motivating. It's intelligent... That's all dude."  Andy - Age 8

“Every time I picked Lydia up from SOAR!, she was so calm, centered, and content, and she stayed that way for the rest of the day. Thank you again for a wonderful program!”   Cari Koss - Parent

“I wish SOAR! could come to our school every week!”
Mrs. Morehead - 4th grade teacher, Learn Charter School - Chicago

"I like SOAR! because it includes games while it teaches you to relax and calm yourself. You can soar wherever you go... whenever you need to. That's why it's really important. If you're feeling really stressed, you can just breathe or do seed pose."   Laura - Age 10

“In SOAR I learned to express my feelings so they don’t get tangled up inside. I learned if you trust in yourself, and keep calm and focused with your breath, then you will always succeed.”    Star - Age 10